Improve your life throughfinancial health

Walletguide helps you analyze your personal finances and provides guidance for a better financial future. Get an overview across all your assets, determine your net worth, plan ahead and take the right decisions.

All your net-worth in one place

We bring together all your financial assets and liabilities in one place. From bank accounts and credit cards to investment portfolios, real estate and more.

Keep the overview

Financial data is usually in a lot of different places. Our goal is to bring it back together to allow you to take the right decisions at the right time.

Plan for the future

How is your net-worth developing? How much money do you have when you retire? We want to answer all these questions regarding your personal finances.

Manage your financials like a pro

With advanced features like automated categorization, split booking and income/cost distribution, we make sure that the results you get are meaningful.

Automated categorization

Our platform learns from how you categorize your transactions and suggests how to handle future transactions. The more you enter, the more intelligent the system gets.

Distribute income/cost over time

Split your transactions across predefined or custom date ranges to get meaningful reports.

Define your custom categories

Easily add the categories that are important for you. We believe that one size does not fit all, so flexibility is key for us.

Easily stay on top of your finances

With our advanced reports you can effortlessly keep an overview of your financial performance. We bring business-level reports to your personal finances.

Reports for advanced use cases

We know that a simple monthly category overview is not enough. That's why we provide you with in-depth and advanced reports based on what we learned from business financials over the years.

Track how your net-worth develops over time

Walletguide enables you to track your full net-worth over time and therefore always gives you transparency on where you are and where you are going financially.

We take data protection seriously

We know that your financial data is really sensible. That's why we only store it in an encrypted way in the cloud. Unencrypted data will only be handled in your local browser environment.

Fully encrypted in the cloud

We always encrypt your data with your master password before storing it safely in the cloud. Similar to password managers this gives you safety and privacy at the same time.

Your value is our value

Our platform is charged with a simple monthly fee. We don't have any hidden agenda (e.g., trying to sell you products based on your transactions). We want to do one thing well and that is to give you a great overview of your personal finances.

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About us

Walletguide is our second startup that we are building on the side of running our main business quintly, a social media analytics platform. Our goal is to use our experience from building a successful B2B SaaS company for the last 10 years and apply this to a new product. The idea for Walletguide came out of our own personal finance spreadsheets. Read more about it here.